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As many retailers have drastically lowered or even cut pipes from their inventory. We have chosen to keep the pipe lifestyle and hobby going full force! We carry over 300 pipes in our inventory at any given time.  We have pipes from $25 corn cobbs to $3,000 handcrafted Tsuge pipes.  Below is a small list of some of our pipe makers and pipe tobaccos'.
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Founded in the 1870’s, Kapp and Peterson is the home of the oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory in the world. Most well-known for the “Peterson System” and the unique P-Lip design, today Peterson continues to make high quality and widely beloved pipes in Dublin, Ireland.

We carry a wide variety of Peterson pipes from their traditional System Standards to their unique limited releases such as the St. Patrick’s Day pipes, Dracula’s, and Christmas editions.


In the same year, 1876, that Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call, Tchaikovsky completed Swan Lake and Mark Twain published Tom Sawyer, Achille Savinelli opened one of the first shops to focus exclusively on tobacco and smoking accessories. Despite the pipe market being dominated by clay and meerschaum, Savinelli was convinced the future of pipes lied in briar.

Before long Savinelli began designing his own briar pipes, and the rest, as they say is history.

Living true to Achille Savinelli’s vision, they continue to make excellent briar pipes in Italy using some of the finest grade Italian briar. We sport many of their fantastic designs, such as the classically styled Antica and Artisan lines, as well as the uniquely colorful Oceano, Dolomiti, and Cocktail lines. With such a vast collection of variety, our selection of Savinelli pipes is always changing.


Sometimes a hobby becomes a career, and that would be just the case for Erik Nording. Originally a blacksmith and engineer, Nording made pipes as a pastime. As his experience and interest in pipe making grew, it took over his roots to eventually become what he is known for: making some of the highest quality Danish pipes.

Today, Nording is most well-known for his unique and stunning freehand style pipes. Many of his extraordinary shapes can be found on our shelves. Every year he also creates a distinctive Hunter series pipe, themed around an animal. In years past these have included the Zebra, Bison, Rhino, and Ruffed Grouse. We do our best to obtain at least a few of these special pipes each year.


Saint-Claude, France is the home of the briar pipe, where this remarkable material got its name. In this town lies the factory of Chacom pipes, the largest French brand capable of combining tradition, creation, and innovation. Named after the partnership of Comoy and Chapuis, Chacom is the standard of the French pipe making world.

Our selection of Chacom pipes typically includes their nougat and atlas series, and many more of their classic offerings. Perhaps most importantly every year they release their pipe of the year and we make sure to obtain it particularly when made using the most unique pipe making material, manta.


Despite their beautiful handcrafted designs and almost modern looking gloss, Meerschaum pipes are one of the oldest styles of smoking pipe. A special material mined in Turkey, Meerschaum continues to awe new and experienced smokers alike. Meerschaum artisan’s soak the material in hot water until it is almost cheese like in consistency and begin to carve it into any one of many gorgeous designs. Due to being a porous material, after carving it is dipped in boiling beeswax to seal it. This process leads to perhaps the most unique part of Meerschaum pipes: They color as you smoke them!

While there are over 60 grades of Meerschaum, we carry only the top 3 grades from our good friends at SMS Meerschaum. With such a wide variety of designs, our selection of these pipes is forever changing

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more to come on our bulk lines and rare tobaccos.

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